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Rusty Car, above Boughrood

Rusty Car, above Boughrood, 1978

I've always liked rusty things abandoned in fields, probably as a result of the 'Old Car' they had in the playground at Wellgarth, the pre-school I went to aged three to five. Very vivid. It was a four seater open tourer, and considering that I was at Wellgarth in between 1964 and 1966, must have been pre-war. In any event, rusty cars in fields have been hugely attractive ever since, and I have pictures of hundreds.

This was the first rusty car I photographed properly, in the winter of 1978. I had my first real camera, a 1963 Nikon F (I still use it occasionally today) and a roll of Ilford FP4 to last me the winter holidays. The car was a heavy Austin of fifties vintage, but there is no trace of it there today.

Nikon F, 50mm, Ilford FP4

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