Last updated: 16th July 2004
  Picture 1: ChronoGuard Billboard
  Picture 2: The Magic Roundabout - Swindon's leading traffic alleviation scheme
  Picture 3: Mammoth incursion into the streets of Swindon
  Picture 4: Oversized Roadsign
  Picture 5: Finis Hotel, Swindon. (rebuilt)
  Picture 6: SpecOps Building
  Picture 7: Lola Vavoom Monument
  Picture 8: Airship moored at Swindon Airship mast
  Picture 9: Low airship over Swindon, January 1989.
  Picture 10: Rare picture of Kaine poster after first defeat in 1985 elections.
  Picture 11: The last 'Mem-U-Gon' shop, seen here before conversion.
  Picture 12: The 'Double Helix' car ramp.
  Picture 14: Pete & Dave's Dodo Emporium.
  Picture 15: Skyrail over the Brunel Centre
  Picture 16: Tomb of the unknown canoeist
New! Picture 17: The Famous Swindon "Low Bridge"
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