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Well, that pandemic was a barrel of laughs, wasn't it? I caught COVID in November 2020, so before any VAX. I had the unwelcome and unpredictable 'single day Long Covid exhaustion' within about six months of infection, which developed into a generalised exhaustion and lack of focus by October 2022. By that time I had 85,000 words of SofG II written, so we're still looking pretty good. I just have to pace myself a little. My plan is to close off all my series so that reader obligation is discharged, and I am then free to do some other stuff, but this is probably where we are at present:

Book the First: Shades of Grey II A direct sequel that takes place straight after Eddie's marriage. This is 2021/22's project, so we'll be looking at early 2023.

Book the Second: Dark Reading Matter We are with Thursday again as she journeys into the unobservable Bookworld. Planned to be written 2022, published 2023.

Book the Third: Untitled Standalone Sort of more along the lines of Early Riser and Constant Rabbit. 2024.

Updated April 2022