Thursday Crowden

July 2011:

Thursday Crowden is now 9 years old. She is doing well at school, is tall for her age and has a heart of gold. She has a rabbit called Daisy, likes Justin Beiber and shares a room with her sister.

I have attached a picture of Thursday taken by her sister.

Thanks very much. Steven

Thursday aged nine

May 2008:
Thursday has hit the five. It was parties all the way this year. One in her house and yet another one at a soft play area. Thursday now is at full time school which she enjoys and knows all her letters and numbers up to 20. For her birthday she wanted chewing gum, but got a TJ Bear, a story telling bear, instead.

Last week Thursday did a search on her name and came up with your site. She was amazed. Have converted a couple more friends to your books over the last year. One has got completely hooked.


Steven Crowden

crowden crowden2_08.jpg

May 2007:
Time is flying so fast and Thursday Crowden has had her 4th birthday. She enjoyed this one at a local indoor play area with 10 of her friends.

Thursday goes to nursery 5 mornings a week and in January will begin to attend school full time.


April 2006:
Thursday turned 3 on the 14th of April and had a lovely family party to celebrate.

These days she goes to nursery 2 days a week and starts full time school in September. Time flies!!

She always wakes up happy and toddles around all day just doing 'stuff'. Thursday loves her brother and sister very much and they play well together, but Thursday still tends to get what she wants by means of clever thinking or just plain crying!!

Her hobbies include making a mess and refusing to tidy up, drawing on the walls behind the settee so we cannot see and partially eating biscuits and putting them back in the tin.

Thursday Crowden at three years old

Thursday Crowden at two years old

April 2005: She walks, she talks, she has teeth, blonde hair and a wicked sense of humour. She knows what she wants and generally gets it. Her brother and sister look after her and she looks after them.

Her 2nd birthday was a quiet affair with a family tea with heart shaped jam sandwiches and a Winnie the Pooh cake to finish with. Then early to bed.

Thursday Crowden at one year old

April 2004:
The Nextian toddler is now one year old and is getting 'bigger and bigger' - and took a few steps prior to her birthday.

Thursday Crowden

January 2004:
Steve and Sam tell me: "She now has 2 lower front teeth. Took her first 2 steps today. Is very adventurous and brave. Too brave at times for her own good. Doesn't let her brother and sister boss her around...."

Thursday Crowden

14th April, 2003:
A baby daughter was born in the UK to delighted parents Steve and Sam Crowden. The little lady was named after a certain literary detective: Thursday. This is a Nextian first and both myself and Mari, Landen, Thursday, Pickwick and all the regulars wish little Thursday and parents all health and happiness.

When the midwife was told that the baby was to be named Thursday after a character in a book, she said: 'It's not The Eyre Affair is it'? When told yes, she said the book had been discussed at her local book group. However, she didn't know a second book was around, so Steve and Sam pointed her in the right direction.

We at Fforde Website Grand Central hope to elaborate on Thursday's progress at a later date.

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