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Lost in a Good Book
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The Word Inventory:
Making up words for Lost in a Good Book

Here are some more made-up words for your edification. I think all authors should be compelled to make up at least one word per book, in order to change and enrich the language even faster than it is already. Who knows, one day the language will change so quickly, parents will no longer be able to speak to their children - it's happening already!

A portmanteau word merging Documentary and Propaganda. Especially popular with Goliath TV producers, the format would be quite successful if anyone ever watched the Goilath channels - which they don't.

Parasitic life form that live inside books and feed off grammar. Adjectivore is the most common. Usually hairy and capable of flight, they use a process called oozemosis to move between books. They are hunted by Verminators.

A trans-global mass transport system that takes passengers in a sealed capsule down an evacuated tube through the centre of the earth, Powered by gravity, there are three different types of journey: Deepdrop which goes through the centre of the earth, Subduction which takes a more oblique journey and Overmantle which barely leaves the crust. Because the force of gravity remains constant irrespective of the declination of the tunnel, each journey takes the same amount of time.

An entity who can mould and delete memories at will, from outside of your head, and within. A picture made up by combining incomplete memories is called a Mnemonograph.
A jam-jar filled with lentils and rice (or any other differently coloured substances) which when shaken will allow you to tell if you are suffering an entropic lapse. Marketed by MycroTech Developments.

Portmanteau word from Expert and Stress. Also known as a tensionologist. I think they say soothing things to worried SpecOps agents.

Hard-to-pronounce medical term used to describe the 'Shock of discovering that what we thought was fiction is real' Sometimes fatal.

Fiction Infraction
An unauthorised change of a book's narrative. A very serious offence in the Jurisfiction Penal code.

A creature that was once extinct, but isn't any more, which is confusing. A neanderthal is one, as are mammoths, dodos, and tastigers.

Slang term for Neanderthal.

Slang ChronoGuard term for going back in time to steal something. Stamped on hard by the ChronoGuard, this is a crime that is always detected, Few people try it any more.

The union of SO-12 time travellers. Divided into two shops, the Upstreamers and Downstreamers, the union is very strong and will stop at nothing to improve pay for its members - even if that means the destruction of the planet and all theron. The ChronoGuard generally use river navigation terms in their work.