Short Film Script from 1996


Oh, the fun we had! Shooting on the stairs at Markree Castle, now reopened as a hotel, I think. That's Fabia Drake, who had an extraordinary career on the stage and in film - knew everyone and was a sort of Dame Maggie Smith of her generation. At one point she was sitting next to actor Breffni McKenna who was TV rather than stage, and she looked at him and said in a very belittling manner and with a voice like cut class: 'Have you ever played ... the Dane?' McKenna had to admit that he hadn't and she went 'Hmmm' and turned away.

I've written several screenplays, three full length and several short, of which this is one. It was never attended to be made - just me fooling around with the form. My earliest effort was before I'd even written in 1985 before I'd written a single short story, and was called 'The Sword and the Salesman', a sort of Mad Max/Brazil pastiche where a lowly accountant from the Great Northern Tribe goes forward on a quest to find the secret of interest free credit, in order to save his people from financial ruin.

It wasn't very good. I did another called Bad Sofa about a hideous 70's sofa that is possessed by a dark force, and a complete 90 minute script for The Last Dragonslayer which I thought was pretty good - and since it was 'on spec' and non contractural, I still own it. Could be self-publishing job for charity.

You can download the 1996 script here; it's in PDF format.

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