A Muted Trichrome

A muted Trichrome
I was mucking around with my most ancient of lenses and camera yesterday morning, doing an experimental trichrome that I'd not tried before on this combo, and for some reason - I think the colour bias of the lens, it all came out muddy and muted. Seemed somehow apt, given the morning's news. 1940's Aero-ektar Lens, Graflex 5x4 camera, Fomapan film. Actually 1400 wide - free to download and use (non commercially) as you see fit.

Updated 7.4.20:

Aeroekta picture

I was scratching my head over the apparent failure to get a decent Trichrome out of the Aero-ektar lens, when my eye was drawn to the pic I took of our now-defunct Smart Car which the girls use as a play car in the back garden. It is red, but here that is rendered quite light - which is the effect I would get if I was using a red filter.

Coloured filters in BW photography effective lighten its own colour, and darkens the complimentary - red filters for blue skies as they darken the blue down.

So what I was seeing here is a natural propensity for the lens to filter out the red end of the spectrum - which makes total sense, as the lens was designed for high altitude reconnoissance use, and an orange or red filter can be useful for cutting through aerial haze. So that's the mystery solved. Using the three coloured filters to make the Trichrome was like keeping a red filter on all the time. That's my theory, anyway.

Still, the muted look is a nice effect. I'll do it again...

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