Newly Discovered Astronomical Bodies

Join me now as we examine some less well known astronomical bodies..

Alex Gooch bread

Asteroid 568-Gooch
Dismissed as a speck of dust on the primary lens of Wales' only interplanetary probe in 1968, recently enhanced images taken by by the Griffon-14 during its transit of the asteroid belt reveals that the asteroid, about the size of the Newport roundabout on the M4, has a collection of smaller rocky fragments adhering more strongly to the surface than gravity alone might expect. Spectroscopic examination revealed seven seeds and a smidge of malt.

Alex Gooch bread

Able-Baker 27,
orbiting Ganymede
Although science has declared a moon orbiting a moon as 'unlikely' due to gravitational instability, it appears that Able-Baker 27 may actually be in a very eccentric orbit around Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter. Discovered in 1995 by the Galileo probe, it seems to have been created by a smaller sticky mass of elements which were then 'inflated' before being subjected to heating - a method of creation that gives the interior a soft texture, but the exterior an appealing crust.

Alex Gooch bread

NEO rYe-65
Unknown to science before sailing past earth last October at a distance of only 65,000 Kms, Near Earth Object rYe-65 startled the scientific community who rapidly attempted to make up a composite image, the results you see here. Roughly the size of the Stagecoach No. T4 from Newtown to Cardiff via Builth Wells, the distinctive stripes along its flanks are thought to be from encounters eons ago with sharp iron asteroids, before the asteroid was heated and the crust formed. Data pulled from its gravitational effect on other bodies suggests its density is low, giving speculation to the interior being bubbly, like an aero - with potential for large voids. It is not thought to pass earth until next Thursday, but collision is unlikely.

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