Second wording of Intro penned 5th June and replaced 6th July 2020

Dear Reader,

Well, it's been 76 days since I started Jasperland, and while here in the EU the initial first phase of the pandemic is subsiding, I think caution should be the byword as the spectre of a second wave looms over us. Crucially, there are many places in the world where the pandemic is still advancing, which, alongside many other issues, are also conspiring to make life more stressful.

So Jasperland keeps going. I've a book out on the 2nd July here in the UK, and as I slowly bring The Constant Rabbit website online, you'll learn more about that, from here. There is already a postcard giveaway which you can read about on Jasperland-76.

I hope you have enjoyed this so far, and if you have any subjects you think could do with expanding, or passages of books that you'd like explained in more detail - drop me a line on jasper(at)jasperfforde.com.

So again: Stay safe, stay smart, stay healthy - and as Eddie Russet from Shades of Grey might have it: "Apart we are Together".

Jasper Fforde

June 5th 2020