Hands around the tree

Aeroektar picture

Taken on the Aero-ektar I was talking about earlier. Ilford FP4 film, 1/60th second, f2.5

Photography for me is pretty much studio and garden-based these days, the one walk a day we get is on the roads around us, and from the house - we're not doing gates and stiles and footpaths, either. The dogs can't think what has come over us, but I still carry my camera just in case, thinking that 'a good photographer would be able to get something'. Clearly, I'm not that good.

Mind you, Daughter Four helped out on this one, taken with the Graflex camera and Aero-ektar lens. The tree is in our spinney, pretty much where the camera was placed to take the picture in 'Car Dog' a few days ago. This is the sort of picture that kind of looks okay on Instagram but benefits from viewing much larger. I find that quite a few pictures I take have a lot of detail that is lost or ignored at Instagram sizes - the perfect IG picture is toes on a beach, or a single house in snow - or at least large areas of emptiness punctuated by something.

Shooting on 5X4 is great fun, but the detail is often lost. Despite that, it's a great medium to work in. Full of technical challenges which hark back to my days in the film business.

Taken 1st April 2020 and actually 1400 wide - free to download and to be used non commercially.

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