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Grammasite Frontispiece for
Lost in a Good Book (UK)

The UK frontispiece illustration for Lost in a Good Book (UK edition). Major turning point for me, although this picture didn't make it in to the softback editions. I designed two adverts, 'Goliath Piano' and 'Skomer' and they did stay with the softback. The grammasite you can see was the one that Miss Havisham and Thursday encounter in the backstory of Great Expectations. I'm very fond of grammasites and we learn more about them in book three. The caption that went with this picture was:

'It's a grammasite,' explained Miss Havisham, 'a parasitic life form that lives inside books.'

The grammasite you can see here is an adjectivore, here feeding off the adjectives in the hull of the prison hulk, rendering a small section of nouns unqualified.
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