Free Sampler. Edition now available for people who only ever read the first two chapters of my books Shades of Grey


But the full book is available to anyone passing waterstone's amazon, or other good booksellers.....

Yes, here at Fforde Towers we've thought of EVERYTHING!

Now, for all those people who only ever read the first two chapters of my book before getting confused and switch to folding the washing, we bring this two chapter version.

Complete in every detail, it might also be suitable for people phobic of chapters, short attention spans, or folk who might want to see what the whole Shades of Grey is all about before you run to the bookshop in January clutching your Christmas money given to you by your aunt. (No, not that one, she gave you socks. The other one.)

Seriously, though, this is a promotional edition printed by Hodder in the UK. The first two chapters in a crisp 21 numerical order layout, it has a thin monochrome cover and is held together by two of the print industry's finest staples.

This stupendous free gift can be yours, and all you have to do is send me your address, and I'll pop it in the post.

Rules: Just email me your address. It's that simple. UK markets only, which now excludes Canada, but includes Australia, New Zealand and SA, etc, etc. Your address will NOT be harvested, kept, or sent to any third party. It will be deleted from my in-box as soon as I send out the last sampler. Each Sampler will be signed, and may include a pressie. Only one Sampler per household .

Mustelids over 6" in length have been excluded from this offer after last year's fiasco. Sorry, but's that the way it goes. Did I say UK only?.

Page updated February 27th 2010