LGB 035
Mycrotech Sarcasm warning Recall Notice
Sarcasm Recall Notice
Mycrotech sarcasm early warning device recall notice
This was originally one of the adverts that would have gone into the back of the UK edition of Lost in a Good Book. Sadly, due to production reasons, there wasn't enough room, so this and the 'Griffin Sportina' advert had to be left out. So I recycled it as a postcard. Mycrotech Logo is now fully developed, and the small print reads:

"Possible fault: Due to a manufacturing error in the primary booster coils there is the slight possibility of a power grid overheat that may result in spontaneous combustion and/or explosion of magnitude 6.4. Please return the complete unit with all attachments and modification logbook to your nearest Mycrotech outlet to be fixed at no cost."

Sounds techy, doesn't it? What this leads us to believe is that technology is quite dangerous in Thursday's world, but people treat it as an acceptable risk, much like RTAs in our world. 500 numbered editions, B&W.
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