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1st March 2018  Swindon/Wilts/Dorset/Llandeilo events added. More details, click here.

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1st Mar 2018 

Janis Joplin in 356 Porsche

Catherine Affleck Reimagines the TN covers

Many thanks to Catherine Affleck who sent in her reimagining of the first three Thursday Next books. Although my books won't be rejacketed as these, it's always interesting to see how designers take on the challenge. More of Catherine's work (and details of these jackets, the inclusion of the Cheshire Cat is inspirational) can be found at Catherine's Website

Fforde Fflash Banner
7th Feb 2018 

Janis Joplin in 356 Porsche

Janis Joplin in surprise Thursday Next Emulation bid!

I'm indebted to Dave who sent this in to me - Janis Joplin on the bonnet of her Porsche 356, emulating Thursday Next's 'curiously painted Porsche'. In my mind I had Escher Lizards, but this will certainly do.

6th Feb 2018  Updated on Welcome! page.

6th Feb 2018  NEW on Picture of The Week .

6th Feb 2018  Updated Giveaway Listings on Giveaways page.

23rd January 2018  Updated Fforde pictures at Author Mugshot page.

22nd January 2018  Updated Events page at appearances page.

22nd January 2018  Updated 'Next Book' page on Next Book page.

22nd January 2018  Updated page at Early Riser page.

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