Dear Reader,

Welcome. Firstly, thank you for buying and reading my books over the years: You have, quite literally, put food in my children's mouths and allowed me to pursue the career of my choice.

Today, the whole world seems very uncertain, and a lot of that uncertainty will be spent indoors, maybe for weeks or months. I think a spot of timely 'After Sales Service' from Fforde while the uncertainty is upon us might be a good idea.

I'll be adding when I can, hopefully every day or every couple of days, depending on workload. You'll have new stuff and old stuff: The never-before-seen deleted first chapter of The Eyre Affair (if I can find it) some of my hideously bad early writing (cunningly rebranded as 'juvenilia'), some new short stories, random mutterings, book and film reviews, hints and tips on writing, and some of the hi-jinx we got up to in the movie business.

You will probably also have to weather my passion for the 'challenging impracticality' of using old technology in a modern era - large format wet chemistry photography and Model T Fords.

In short, I hope Adventures in Jasperland will divert and entertain you over the coming weeks.

So stay safe, stay smart, stay healthy - and as Eddie Russet from Shades of Grey might have it: "Apart we are Together".

Jasper Fforde

March 21st 2020

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