Book Cam

When Jane Eyre went missing, an army of readers from the Bronte Association Society had to keep reading and rereading the book to watch for her reappearance. Dramatic but hardly efficient.

Any changes in a book can now be automatically monitored by BookCam. A standard-issue webcam points at a volume while a small robot hand turns the pages at a standard reading speed. Any changes from the expected are noted and an alarm raised.

BookCam capture: Alice In Wonderland; personal edition; JF Library.

Here we can see a recent alarm - the intrusion of a new character into a particular edition of Alice In Wonderland resulting in an entirely new chapter.

BookCam capture: Alice In Wonderland; original manuscript; The British Library.

Thankfully, the original manuscript was intact and once the intruder had been enticed out, all returned to whatever passes for normal in Wonderland.

Peace of mind

I myself have bookcams installed on every book that is precious to me. The peace of mind is priceless.