I update this page quite often so check back now and again. As usual, please call the venue to check times and dates before you set out just in case I get struck by lightning or something.

Updated 9th December 2014: Lack of any events reflects my need to concentrate on writing. Expect talks when books are being published.


March 2015, Dubai, UAE:
Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature - possible appearance, TBC

May 2015, Swindon:
Fforde Ffiesta V - Ten year anniversary event, 23-24th May


March 02031:   Asteroid belt and Saturn (technology permitting) More details TBA.
October 02042:   81-year-old Fforde talks to other members of old people's home: "I used to be a novelist, no really, I did. Is it lunchtime?" More details TBA.
July 02175:   Semi-lifelike cloned Ffordesque replicant to tour Gamma Quadrant in the Cygnus Cluster. More details TBA.
Setember 03431:   Much improved Fforde cloned back to life to face execution for sedition; all works consigned to erasure.
Janfebry 008910:   Last evidence of Fforde's books vanish forever with the removal of the 'Formerly Thursday Street' plaque from what is now W23-61 Rd in the conurbation known as EuroWest-79.
00012972:    Visiting archeologists from Thraal-7 discover incomplete copy of Well of Lost Plots from excavation in landfill. Deciphering takes seven hundred years and a further four hundred years of academic scrutiny before being accepted as historical fact.